We are located in the magnificent Indian Ocean with a geographical Location: 20° 2' 42'' South, 57° 32' 46'' East and you find us on the Warm East West Coast of the resplendent Island of Mauritius.On this exact location our team leader of the Mauritian Big Game Fleet endeavors to make your sport Trip as mind-blowing and thrilling as possible on our prodigious professional Boat.

Anglers will love the superb deep sea fishing in Mauritius and big game fishing which is available all year around. The average temperature, being 28°, makes it convenient for professional angling. Mauritius is well known for its variety record in deep sea fishing.

Our boat Le Dodo is the Record holder of the Mauritian Blue Marlin which was 1430 lbs.We also promote family trips,for the sharing of the passion and joys of angling between family members.